Imagine how fast your business will scale when...

You Have An Industry Leading
‘Full Stack Sourcing’ Team Of Agents & Experts Handling All Your Product Sourcing & Logistical Needs
The Service Our ELITE-Level Sourcing Team Delivers Leads The Industry In Terms Of Quality, Transparency, Speed, Value, & Security.

Imagine how fast your business will scale when...

You Have An Industry Leading
‘Full Stack Sourcing’ Team Of Agents & Experts Handling All Your Product Sourcing & Logistical Needs
The Service Our ELITE-Level Sourcing Team Delivers Leads The Industry In Terms Of Quality, Transparency, Speed, Value, & Security.
Titan Sourcing 2.0 Is Redefining What Sourcing Agencies Deliver By Giving Every Single Client An Unbeatable Edge Over Their Competitors.
Keep reading if you’d like to…
  • Easily source the highest quality products... from top tier factories with ease and have all the logistics handled on a single dashboard
  • ​Instantly gain an edge over your competitors… by taking your sourcing to an elite level overnight instead of fighting it out over marketing hacks and tactics​
  • ​​Consistently improve the quality of your products… under the guidance of your own dedicated product developer who has years of experience you can utilize for your business.
  • ​Drastically reduce your sourcing costs… while increasing the quality of your products & processes using our one of a kind sourcing portal.
  • ​Finally eliminate the stress & overwhelm generated by your current sourcing methods so you can focus on being the CEO of your business

Traditional Sourcing Methods Are Stopping You From Scaling Your Business

Vetting factories...

Negotiating with suppliers…

Ordering samples…

Navigating inspections…

Tracking the progress of your order...

All this adds up to A LOT of your valuable time, energy, and focus being drained on one area of your business.

And then you have the inevitable issues which always come up.

Your contact at the factory ‘goes dark’ and you have no communication for days on end…

Leaving you to stress and sweat over what’s happening with your order.

Your products arrive looking NOTHING like your specifications…

Which means going through the tiresome process of sending them back to the factory so they can start all over again.

Your order gets held up with failed inspections leaving you to try and sort it out by email or zoom without knowing the best resolution to move forward with...

So you’re now dealing with language barriers, time zones, foreign laws and a whole bunch of other stuff you did not sign up for when you started your Amazon Business.

All of this is going on when other areas of your business need your attention.

But what other options do you have?

You could hire a sourcing agent…

But you can’t be certain they’ll deliver.

You CAN count on them taking 5-10% commission on every order you make.

And will they even share the factory information with you?

You could hire and train a VA to handle your sourcing…

But with so many moving parts to the process and negotiations to be had that’s going to be close to impossible.

So what can you do?

How To Easily To Source The Highest Quality Products From Trusted Tier One Factories On Cash Flow Friendly Deals

If you’re going to outsource your product sourcing then the minimum you require is...

  • Convenience so the process is fast, easy, and seamless from start to finish leaving you to focus on growing your business
  • ​Transparency with fees, negotiations, order progress, inspections and everything else involved in the process
  • ​High quality suppliers with a proven track record of delivering the highest quality products for the leading brands in your market
  • Best prices from suppliers so you have healthy cash flow to continue growing your Amazon business
All of the above would transform your current sourcing process and take it to a whole new level.

But if you want to reach an elite level…

The level where multi 7-figure sellers use their sourcing methods as an unfair advantage over all their competitors…

Then you will also need;
  • A team with years of experience at the cutting edge of product sourcing from Asia and deeply rooted relationships with the top factories in every region.
  • In-house consultants who have built their own multi 7-figure Amazon Businesses and can consult on product development, branding, labelling, etc.
  • A one-stop-shop to track every single aspect of your sourcing and communicate with agents easily so there’s no inbox ping pong to deal with.
  • ​Absurdly low fees (and no sourcing agent commissions) so you don’t have to factor another big overhead into the hungry beast that is your Amazon business
How game-changing would that be for your business?

Just imagine having all the moving parts of your product sourcing operating at an elite level…

With the bare minimum of input from you. You just tell us what you want and we’ll handle the rest

You could claim back all the time, energy, and effort you’ve been pouring into sourcing & logistics…

And focus on the strategic decisions directly linked to the MASSIVE growth for your business.

Instead of worrying about IF you’re making the right choice with a certain factory…

Taking risks on products you don’t know enough about…

Or the tariffs and taxes you’ve done your best to limit but you can’t be sure you did a good enough job...

You would have unshakable confidence in your product sourcing & logistics operating at an elite level.

Titan Sourcing 2.0

Your ‘Full Stack Sourcing’ System That Gives You
The Edge Over Your Competitors

Titan Sourcing is like
nothing else on the market

“Yeah sure, heard that one before”.

That’s fair.

But this is really like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

We use a ‘Full Stack’ System to deliver unrivalled levels of service and profit producing results.

We do all of this inside our custom built portal which tracks every single moving part of your sourcing process.

From LIVE communication with our team as well with the selected suppliers, templates and order forms, ordering samples, booking inspections, managing logistics, all your order progress timelines…

It’s all available at the click of a button inside your personal sourcing portal.

See Your Project Status Instantly
Get Supplier Quotes In Your Dashboard
Chat With Suppliers and Sourcing Agents In One Place
  • A network of vetted and trusted factories to choose from thanks to contacts and insider knowledge built up over 11+ years by none other than industry leading sourcing expert, Kian Golzari.
  • ​Expert consulting on product development, branding, packing design etc from 7-figure sellers.
  • Your own agent in Asia who can liaise in person with factories and keep you up to date on progress with your products.
  • Sample Handling which includes developing the prototype sample, organising shipping and consolidation of multiple samples so you can find the best option to go with and save you courier costs 
  • Organise QC inspection & prepare the QC report before fixing any issues prior to shipping so once you get that shipping notification you know for sure your product is on its way to you
  • Beneficial relationships with Freight Forwarders and 3PL’s that ensure you get favourable rates and VIP service

There’s an important question you need to answer at this point...

How Much Better & Easier Does Using Titan Sourcing 2.0 Sound Compared To What You’re Currently Doing?

Imagine how fast you will scale…

How your profits will soar…

And how quickly your stress levels will drop...

When all the moving parts of your product sourcing & logistics are handled by a legitimate industry leading team?

Speaking of industry leading teams…

It’s time you met Kian Golzari, the co-creator of Titan Sourcing 2.0;

Kian Golzari

  • Designed, developed, sourced and manufactured over 2500 products
  • Manufactured products for the NBA, United Nations, Olympic Games, Ministry of Defence as well as for some of the world's top athletes such as Neymar JR and Kobe Bryant
  • Mentored over 200 Amazon Entrepreneurs on better sourcing practices
  • ​Board Member of SEDEX, a world-leading organization for empowering responsible supply chains for Fortune 500 companies
  • ​Spoken at international events in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, China, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and many more
  • ​Created Brands for UK big box retailers such as Texaco, Argos, Aldi and more
  • ​Won numerous international awards including the 2017 Sunday Times Fast Track Award for op 100 UK Companies in Expert Growth

How Titan Sourcing Works

Your dedicated Titan Sourcing team will...

  • Bring you a selection of factories to choose from with a full breakdown of the benefits of each one
  • ​Communicate with the factory to ensure the production and design process runs smoothly and you get regular updates
  • ​Negotiate an initial price and terms that you wouldn’t be able to get through any other channels
  • ​Collect and send you samples of your product variations
  • ​Manage your payments so you are protected with additional insurance on your order
  • ​Manage your freight / logistics so you don’t have to deal with customs or any nasty surprises in the form of hidden fees and are compliant with HTS codes
  • ​Final inspection on every order to guarantee it meets your standards
When you sign up to Titan Sourcing everything happens in a simple,
5-step process...
  • Receive factory quotations and choose the best option for you
  • ​Request for samples and start the product development process
  • ​Place orders to your chosen factory
  • ​Pre-shipment inspection
  • ​Ship to warehouse
Now compare that to handling your own Sourcing and Logistics…

Think of all the time you can save

Which means you can wave goodbye to the frustration, confusion, and time sucking process

What’s The One Thing That Makes Titan Sourcing Different?

One word; Transparency.

You get to see our industry leading expertise at work during every stage of the process.

You are never left in the dark over any aspect of your sourcing.

From pricing to progress.

All you have to do is log in to your portal and everything is available at the click of a button.

Which means you can be confident we are delivering on everything we promised.

We literally have nowhere to hide.

You can see all our communications alongside the progress of any orders you make.

And you can jump into the communication with the supplier at any point you desire.

This is what makes us different.

We only want to be judged by one thing; results.

So while other sourcing agents can try to string you along.

And come up with excuse after excuse.

We lay it all out in the open.

Giving you the transparency you need to have complete peace of mind when it comes to your sourcing and logistics.

Blow Away Your Competitors, Scale At Speed, and Become The Leader Your Business Is Crying Out For...

The only way you can scale to multi 7-figures and beyond is if you spend more time working ON your business.

You’ve heard this plenty of time before.

But have you ever found yourself with this kind of opportunity to actually do it?

Because make no mistake about it…

On top of all the game changing results you’ll experience with Titan Sourcing 2.0...

This is also an opportunity to claim back more valuable time to work ON your business.

And it’ll happen fast.

So you have a critical choice to make…

You can choose to play the same games your competitors are…

Use the same resources like Alibaba…

And obliterate your opportunity to scale your business into a multi million dollar brand (which attracts the attention of investors)


You can choose to sign up to Titan Sourcing 2.0.

And give yourself an absurdly unfair advantage.

In all honesty…

The value proposition is pretty clear with Titan Sourcing 2.0.

As is what we’re looking to accomplish here.

We created Titan Sourcing 2.0 to serve as the ULTIMATE sourcing service for the most ambitious Amazon Sellers on the planet.

We took years of cutting edge, industry leading tactics, experience AND results…

And packaged them all into a service which has brought the future of sourcing into the here and now.

So if you want to secure your place with Titan Sourcing 2.0…

Hit the button below and fill out our onboarding form.

One of our team will then reach out to you personally with the next steps.


Will you share the factory address and contact information?

Yes we believe in 100% transparency.
You will have access to all the information you need to have complete confidence and peace of mind in your product sourcing process.

Which product categories do you specialize in?

Our expansive team has experience across a multitude of categories.
There hasn’t been a product we haven’t been able to source yet, and if we ever face any challenges sourcing your product and cannot fulfil it for you then you will not be charged for the service.
Our unmatched network also allows us to source from countries outside of China to ensure you get nothing but the best in terms of quality and price.

Do you have any customer referrals?

Yes, here's a video from Justin Ray's factory;

How do you qualify a factory to make sure the product and on-time delivery are dependable?

Our custom purchase order templates and terms and conditions documents keep suppliers accountable. These are all completed for you within our portal.
But the main thing we use is our experience, relationships, and extensive network we’ve built over the years.

Do you perform the pre-shipment inspection?

We have partnered with our preferred quality control specialists who are integrated within our portal.
You can easily book your inspection and view your reports all in one place.

How do you charge for your service?

We do not believe in taking a % of the order value.
Why? Because we do not want there to be any financial incentives for which factories we present to you. We charge a monthly fee for the full-stack sourcing service.

Do you receive discounts or referral fees from the factory, and if you do, are you going to be transparent about it?

We do not receive any financial incentives or kickbacks from factories.
We present several factory options for you to choose from and you make the final decision which supplier to move forward with.
All price quotes are received from the factory to client directly, which is all facilitated on our portal amongst all the other sourcing services.

Am I able to communicate with the supplier directly?

Yes. Our Portal allows you to communicate with the suppliers for the product within the portal itself without having to log-in to Alibaba.

This is my first time sourcing a product, will someone be there to help me?

First off, way to go!
And yes, in the scale package you will have a designated Sourcing Assistant to assist you every step of the way. You will also have a Product Developer to assist for cases where you need advice regarding your product.

Do you have templates or documents I can use in relation to sourcing?

Yes. We have templates like Terms and Conditions and Non-Disclosure Agreement that you can use between you and your chosen supplier.

How do I order samples from the supplier/s?

You can place an order directly from our portal.
It is a click of a button and the supplier will be notified of your sample order.

I already have a supplier and just need help with Freight, Inspection and Warehousing service. Is that possible?

We have Freight, Inspection and Warehousing stand-alone services at discounted rates you can take advantage of from within the portal.

I have my own suppliers already. Does that mean that I no longer need to sign-up?

You can still use our Portal even if you have your own suppliers under the Pro package.
You can have them fill-out the supplier form so they have access to your project information and coordination can start or continue from within the portal and take advantage of all the Pro features and benefits.

How can I know the status of my projects?

Each Sourcing Project has a project status that will allow you to know which phase you are at in the project. That includes Sourcing In-Progress, Sample Requested, Production In-Progress, Shipping, Inspection until Completion.
You will also receive email notifications as your order is progressing so you can always stay on track

Do I pay the suppliers directly?

We act as your payment liaison.
This adds an extra layer of payment protection and there is also an option of taking out additional insurance on your order

How do I submit a sourcing request?

You can submit a request from within our Portal.
Just fill out a form and click a button.
Once submitted, the request is launched.
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